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Evy-Devy's News

Posted by Evy-Devy - December 25th, 2014

So how was your Christmas? Did it go well?

Posted by Evy-Devy - December 21st, 2014

Hey guys! So I've been wanting to submit an animtion to newgrounds during the holidays. That's when I found a GREAT idea for an animation. I started working on the animation last Thursday. I'm about halfway done with it. I plan on posting it eitehr Monday or Tuesday. I hope anyone that reads this sees my new animation! Thanks for the voice volunteering btw. :)

Posted by Evy-Devy - December 19th, 2014

I need a male voice actor for animation I'm making. It'll be about Star Wars. The animation will hopefully be done by this Monday.

I just need the male voice actor who can do angry and funny voices. For my animation, you'll just be doing mostly grunt sounds and some noises. Just about anyone can fit the role actually. I do need the voices to come in by THIS SUNDAY!!

Though the lines should be easy to make since it's just shouts and a few lines. There's also a second male character, who should sound kinda funny but normal, but he has only like 1 or 2 lines.

If someone does take this offer, please remember to keep frequently checking your Newgrounds inbox. Thank you. :)

Posted by Evy-Devy - December 11th, 2014

Hello to anyone who's reading this. My name on Newgrounds is SuperMegaUltraGiga, but my real name is Evan Decker, haha. As of now, I just turned 20 years old and have a year of college of graphic arts under my belt.

I'm so glad to be able to post on a site full of animators, partnerships, game makers, music makers and artists. This site is perfect for animators and game creators and lets many people see our creations while still being fair. Trying to do this on YouTube just is too hard alone. I do have a YouTube, and I think I will post extra things on there while I can't post certain things not fit for here, but all my worthwhile animations should be here as well. (As well as any games I create.....if I could create them.)

I will try to see if I can post 2 videos by the end of the year. Also, I am experimenting with hand-drawn animation, so expect to see me experiment with anime looking artwork time to time. I'm very friendly, so feel free to leave messages, okay?

Here's the link to my YouTube: