Evy-Devy's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 290 (From 63 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,680 Points

Super Idle Imagination

Medals Earned: 1/15 (10/620 points)

Transcendence 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Danish Goel

Selling Your Soul 5 Points

Find and abuse the familiar mechanic

Against The Odds 10 Points

Receive a positive review from FlashChaz

The Abortionist 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Wayne Marsh

Voice Of Reason 10 Points

Receive a positive review from Shock-Dingo

Flappy Turd 25 Points

Take 25 poos

Idle Hard 25 Points

Increase your chances of winning an award

Why...Why?! 25 Points

Develop 75 games with Auto mode disabled


Enter the brain

Fifty Fifty 50 Points

Get lucky on the one arm bandit

Honours Idle 50 Points

Win 50 awards - the only true recognition of talent

Trifecta Of Idleness 50 Points

Develop 3 Idle versions of FlashChaz games

Cosmosis 100 Points

Realize a universal truth

Kill Me Now 100 Points

Develop 250 games with Auto mode disabled

Shovelwaring You Out 100 Points

Churn out 800 games

Surviving the Snowstorm

Medals Earned: 3/4 (70/95 points)

Rank: BT 10 Points

You won!

Rank: OO 10 Points

You won!

Cold Blooded 50 Points

Get all fails in StS.

Surprise! 25 Points

Get jumpscared by Henry.

Tankmas ADVENTure 2020

Medals Earned: 2/40 (15/500 points)

December 1st 5 Points

Open the first present!

December 15th 10 Points

Open the fifteenth present!

December 2nd 5 Points

Open the second present!

December 3rd 5 Points

Open the third present!

December 4th 5 Points

Open the fourth present!

December 5th 5 Points

Open the fifth present!

December 6th 5 Points

Open the sixth present!

December 7th 5 Points

Open the seventh present!

December 8th 5 Points

Open the eighth present!

December 9th 5 Points

Open the ninth present!

December 10th 10 Points

Open the tenth present!

December 11th 10 Points

Open the 11th present!

December 12th 10 Points

Open the twelfth present!

December 13th 10 Points

Open the thirteenth present!

December 14th 10 Points

Open the fourteenth present!

December 16th 10 Points

Open the sixteenth present!

December 17th 10 Points

Open the seventeenth present!

December 18th 10 Points

Open the eighteenth present!

December 19th 10 Points

Open the nineteenth present!

December 20th 10 Points

Open the twentieth present!

December 21st 10 Points

Open the twenty-first present!

December 22nd 10 Points

Open the twenty-second present!

December 23rd 10 Points

Open the twenty-third present!

December 24th 10 Points

Open the twenty-fourth present!

December 25th 10 Points

Open the twenty-fifth present!

December 26th 10 Points

Open the twenty-sixth present!

December 27th 10 Points

Open the twenty-seventh present!

December 28th 10 Points

Open the twenty-eighth present!

December 29th 10 Points

Open the twenty-nineth present!

December 30th 10 Points

Open the thirtieth present!

December 31st 10 Points

Open the thirty-first present!

January 1st 25 Points

Open the last present!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Think Positive! 5 Points

Collect all the Happy Thoughts

Horsin Around 25 Points

Get a score of 10 or less on Pin the Tail

The Alien Hominid Bootleg Digging Adventure 25 Points

Score at least 20,000 points in Festive Forage

Lussekatter Vinner 50 Points

Collect all 99 Lucia Cats in Hot Bun Run in under 90 seconds!

THE END - Part 3 50 Points

Take a stroll down the Credits Hall when it's over.

The Awakening RPG

Medals Earned: 2/15 (20/290 points)

Divine Intervention 10 Points

Meet Douglas in every town!

Santa's Little Helper 10 Points

Complete 10 sidequests!

Diglet 10 Points

Dig up 3 hidden items!

Lucky Charm 10 Points

Get 1 Lucky Hit in battle!

Lucky Charms 10 Points

Get 10 Lucky Hits in battle!

Rookie 10 Points

Fight 10 battles!

Shrooms 10 Points

Collect 50 mushrooms and/or butterflies!

Soul of a Poet 10 Points

Find all 3 poems!

Swordfish 10 Points

Obtain 3 swords!

Aqua Man 25 Points

Get 3000 points in the fishing mini-game!

Flawlessly 25 Points

Fight 20 Flawless battles!

Juggernaught 25 Points

Compete the Summoner's challenge!

Veteran 25 Points

Fight 25 battles!

Awakened 50 Points

Complete the game!

Legend 50 Points

Fight 50 battles!

The Cafe

Medals Earned: 7/7 (40/40 points)

Another Fall 5 Points

At least there's food this time.

Dreaming of Cake 5 Points

Exactly what the title says.

Lonely 5 Points


Swirly-Eyed 5 Points

At least the pillow cushioned the fall?



Unhappy with Cake 5 Points

Not quite right...

Dani's Cake 10 Points

Warm Sisterly Feels

The Clockwork King

Medals Earned: 2/7 (50/360 points)

Happy Medium 25 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the medium difficulty

The End? 25 Points

Reach the end of the game... Or is it?

Easy Does It 10 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the easy difficulty

100% Monitored 50 Points

Activate all the 20 monitors in the game

Not Hard Enough 50 Points

Go from the first checkpoint to rescuing Lynne in the hard difficulty

Clockwork Heart Breaker 100 Points

Break Lynne's heart

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

The Elevator

Medals Earned: 4/4 (20/20 points)

Coffee Date 5 Points

A date. With coffee.

Heartbreak 5 Points

Didn't get a Date.

Heartbreak Maybe? 5 Points

Declined a date.

Sweet Kisses 5 Points

Kisses, kisses, kisses.

The Garden

Medals Earned: 5/5 (25/25 points)

Alarm Clock 5 Points

Ringing in your ears, late, late, late...

Enter Weird Dream 5 Points

It's colorful, at least.

Let Them Eat Cake 5 Points

I think it was tasty?

The Cake is Terrible 5 Points

Or maybe it has terrible taste.

Too Many Signs 5 Points

They're not helping...

The Grocery Store

Medals Earned: 9/19 (90/355 points)

Delicious Dinner 5 Points

No whine and dine! Just dining.

Food Poisoning 5 Points

Poor Ren...

Sleepy Success 5 Points

Food coma galore.

Chicken Penne 10 Points

Chicken and pasta! Delicious.

Chicken Pizza 10 Points

With pesto and tomatoes!

Mystery Noodles 10 Points

Oodles of noodles and... stuff.

Mystery Rice 10 Points

Stir-fried with... stuff.

Mystery Soup 10 Points

Soup. With... stuff.

Attack of the Kraken 25 Points

It's not alive!

Beef Stew 10 Points

Warm and savory stew.

Lettuce Wrap 10 Points

Noodles and lettuce?

Pork Ramen 10 Points

Yummy, yummy noodles.

Spaghetti and Meatballs 10 Points

Hearty and filling.

Chicken Curry 25 Points

Nora's Favorite.

Fried Calamari 25 Points

Crispy and crunchy, yet chewy.

Hamburg Steak 25 Points

Easy and delicious to eat!

Pork Belly 25 Points

Lots to eat! Meat, meat, meat.

Pork Buns 25 Points

Soft and full of meaty goodness.

Cook 'em All! 100 Points

Cooking up a frenzy!

The Library

Medals Earned: 7/7 (65/65 points)

Abort Mission 5 Points

Failure to find her targets.

Caught! 5 Points

Not as out-of-sight as Nora thought.

Master of Disguises 5 Points

No one would recognize Nora, or so she thought.

Nap Time 5 Points

It was a nice book...

Ruined Dinner 10 Points

Those chips were yummy, though...

Worried Big Sister 10 Points

She's happy you're okay, though.

Doodle Master 25 Points

Nora is best at drawing, or so she says.